Taking a break! sort of...

Hey hey!
Due to a way too heavy workload at the moment I beg you to bare with me if i havent answered your mails and stuff...
I wont take on any new clients or projects at all for a while now!! unless it regards conventions!
Need to catch up with the projects and all!!
Just trying to keep my focus!

Hope you understand and I am sorry!!

BUT!! by the end of this month a new awesome artist will join the studio! with a clean calendar!
His name is Ricky and he is one of the most promising artists around i tell you!!
super stoked to have him as a partner in crime!!
His all new website is under construction but keep an eye out!

here is a couple of pieces from him!

If you want to get in touch with this awesome little dude drop a message to his current mail:
When his site is done the mailadress will probably change but lets deal with all that later!!

More Beard!!


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