Computer problems!

The homepage is on hold for a while because my lap top is so fast now that it takes about a week to open a file... crappy piece of poop!
hopefully it will be fixed in about a week or two!
but the blogg still works ok so i will try to update here as often as I can!

Bigger is better!

Continued this 3/4 sleeve last week!
Think it will turn out really nice... will add some dark yellow to the dragon eventually.

Birdies Birdies

Started this sleeve on a dude from Halmstad!
the motifs will be color and the background black and grey... looking forward to continue this one!

hope you like it!

By the way

It would be nice to read comments from you!
so please drop some!


YES we did it!

Got much done today so far!
Finished the backpiece... well at least for now. Will possibly add some dark background later but the motif is done!
This guy is a champ! 6 sessions totally about 30 hours...
Then i have updated all the galleries on and I even had time to grab a beer!
Great success!!!

hope you like it as much as I do! even though it is a kinda bad photo!

As Im at it i thought i would share some more stuff here because i don't have much else to do right now...

Finished this lower arm a few days ago. the dude with the mustache was his idea!

Oh and I have to show you this one. My friend partypinglans first tattoo. He wanted a sleeve with a kinda rock n roll theeme... can't wait to finish it!

That's it for today... time for another beer and some family guy!

nice news!

Finaly we managed to find a new great location for a new bigger shop!
only 500 meters from our current location so it will be easy for you to find!
hopefully we can open it for business december 1st! Will post more info for you as soon as i know more!

Also I am scedueled for a guest spot at buzzstop28 in Gothemburg for a week in January!
Will post more info on that matter to when i know more about it!
check the studio out at!

Now I'm off to hopefully complete a great backpiece i started a while ago!

Have a pleasant day!

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