triple six for RnR

just arrived yesterday for a weeks stay in sunderland at triplesix studios again!
not so much tattooing this time just painting and hanging out! back at work on monday!


New tattoos!

HAHA I am uppdating again!!

First session of Slash! One more to go for some background and some tightening up!

First parts of a Zombie ladies sleeve i started today!
really looking forward to continue this one!

Finally done with this one! now of to the other arm for a monkeyking!

freehand no reference

My god I have to learn how my camera works!!!

Thats it for this time!
I think I am getting the hang of this uppdating frequently thing!
hope it lasts!



I am now fully booked until april and are not taking any new appointments for now!
I will start taking new appointments sometime in january!

keep an eye out for dates here!

cheers marcus

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