Waiting for the ship to norway!

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Waiting for the ship to norway!

Seasons greetings!!!

Hope you all got the pressies you deserved and ate to much food and drank to much and passed out on the couch as every year!
i know i did!

Now some well deserved vacation for about a week!

I wish you all a great ending to 2010 and hope you will have an awesome 2011 with lots of cool tattoos and junk!!


cheers y'all!!

Finally kinda done with the aussie-rainforrest sleeve...

about 47 hours so far. need about 2-3h more for some tightening and detail... but all in all done!

PS. my crappy photo skills dont do the tattoo justice unfortunately... sorry!

A lot of stuff going on at the moment! Exciting and exhausting... but really good i believe!
Been working this week at my friend Steve Terrys place YOUSTOCKHOLM this week! Its been great to get out of my
own studio for a while and meet some new people and some new enviroments!
will definetly go back in a couple of months!

now on to the last tattoo for this sthlm visit!!

cheers all!!!

@ YOU STOCKHOLM for a week!

hanging out at YOU with my dear friend Steve for a week doin some tattooing and other cool stuff!!

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