Malmö tattooexpo

har en ledig dag på malmö tattooexpo första helgen i oktober!!
om du är intresserad av att köra något kul, maila på!
märk mailet med "Malmö"


Back from the UK and swamped!!

Back home now from an awesome stay at triplesix and tattoo jam!

Due to a mouch to long clientlist i have to close the books!!
therefore I will not take on any new clients for a while, in an attempt to catch up a bit!!

keep an eye out for updates here, on myspace or the website!

I am currently planning on remaking the website, so that will be done in the near future!
allso Im planning on some new artsy stuff and junk like t-shirts and so, witch will allso be on the new site!!!

So please bare with me and keep eyes out for new cool things to come!!
love YOU!



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