Hey hey!!

Hey! so Im home from UK! was suposed to fly home last monday but the volcano had other plans in mind
so we had to stay put for a couple of days!
Not that it was all bad. Got to hang out at triplesix for a while longer and even managed to sqeeze in a tattoo of my own!
The Northlakes tattoo convention was a super nice one! felt homey, kinda. Loads of nice people and great work!
Sorry but i dont have any decent photos from the show yet but one of the pieces i did, to my amazement, won best of day, black and grey! super cool!
Thank you to all the organizers and staff at the convention and Bez and the triplesix dudes for just being awesome!!

Thats that bout that...

next up on the agenda, apart from working alot, is Macau!!!

And to finish of this unusually long blog entry is some pics of some stuff!

Oh and soon i will launch my new booking system here on the blog so keep an eye out!!

Love this one! first session done! the hanyas and flowers will end up colored!

One session like 5 hours

Parts of a zombie sleeve i am workin on! super fun!!

And for finals a new project started this monday. A gipsy upper arm with birds and diamond.
Pretty terrible photo but wanted to show you anyway!

Thats it for now!!


some stuff

First tattoo with my new Hyper machine!
I absolutely love the little thing!!

This guy wanted to add some backround and stuff to his tiger ( not done by me )
so this is after the first session. will add some color to the tiger, flowers and the lightningbolts.

In a not so far away furure...

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