In the zone!!

whoa! another post! allready! two in one day! he must have lost it!

another Maneki neko for Jenny!

and todays doings!!!
Continuing the wolf/kodama sleeve. This was the second 6hour session. One more to go!!!

Need to take a chill pill now!

cheers all!!

fresh starts and junk!

started a couple of bigger piecec this past few weeks!
The oriental stuff is starting to come back again and i still love it!

started this colorfull sleeve on my buddy Niklas!
maybe you will see a lot more of this one when its done..... hmm?

And to finish this post, the fallen samurai, slayed down long ago and left for the crows... i dont know....
all freehand this one... really fun!

Got a really interesting offer from a good friend the other day! hope I can manage to keep cool about it and
deliver!!! more to come!!

Now onto the wolf kodama sleeve!!

cheers all!!

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