some more new stuff.

The forearm is finished for now!

And some classic praying hands! Really enjoyed doing this!

Another rose skull combo! not finishet yet but i wanted to show you anyway!

This one is not really what i usually do but i had great fun doing it!
And aparrently Nekrofilia is a band!

And finally a really fun project. this is after two sessions with one more to go before it is finished!!

I hope you enjoed looking at this stuff as much as i enjoyed doing it!
Take care now and see you soon!

good night!!

some new stuff.

Doing this on a close friend. This is after the second session.
The logo on the forearm is not done by me and there is also an old tribal on the upper arm hiding underneath the dark wave next to the dragon.
the motifs will be full color next time!
Oh and i haven't done the spiderwebb either!

Here is another project i'm working on. hopefully one maybe two sessions left!
Really like this piece.

stay tuned! More to come!

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