A weekend at IF studios

last weekend i went over to gothenburg to tattoo my friends from In flames again.
a bit more relaxed visit then the last one but we got some cool stuff done on Anders and Björn!
And ofcourse the obligatory Texas longhorn dinner and a couple of good tequilas and brews!
Allways a good time over there!!

looking forward to the release of their new album too! got to hear some bits and pieces and it sounds awesome as allways!!!

Here is some snaps of the start of the sleeve! loads more to do though!!

And the little skull on Björns back is starting to take form now!

more to come as soon as i can get hold of the pics in Anders camera!!


Postat av: Ben

Björns back piece is awesome!

2011-01-27 @ 21:03:10
URL: http://www.handsomelifestyle.com

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