Slowly getting back to business!

On my way to recovery now after a month from hell!!
But what doesn't kill you...

found a couple of pics in the camera that i just might start up with!

Starting with the octosleeve i started a couple of weeks ago... There is goin to be a mermaid on the upper arm and more tentacles and stuff!

couple of more sessions to go on this one but making good progress!

Finally finished! thanks Kitte!

And this one aswell! Thanks Ando!

Thats it for now!
Now its back to business with new energy and junk!!

cheers all!!

Postat av: Erik

Välkommen tillbaks i gemet! Riktigt snyggt som vanligt, gillar särskilt bläckfiskarmen...

2010-10-07 @ 11:40:29
Postat av: Mr P

Tack för idag, mycket nöjd. Som vanligt!

2010-10-13 @ 16:08:30

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