Gettin back in the game!

Hey y'all!!!
As you might know by now I have been down for a while due to three little bastards called cancer!
After some surgery and crap I am now cancer free but still need constant check ups for a number of years...
starting in december!
Hate the examination procedures but what the hell its better than getting the fuckin cancer back! Right!
Feeling better and better now, mentally, and is excited as hell to be back in business!!

Been kind of stressy to catch up with all the clients I had to cancel, but is slowly but steady getting there!!

Tomorrow I am of to Gothenburg to tattoo my dear friend Björn and the other dudes from In flames! should be good fun i reckon!!
My, soon to be the big 30, partner in crime P the Piercer is taggin along aswell for a very manly evening!
will post some pics when I get back!

In other news I will do a little guestspot, at my dear friend Steve Terry's salon YOU in stockholm, for a week starting
december 6th... Will be interesting as hell to see what that might bring!!
Check Steve out at!
Hopefully we will finish his aussie rainforrest sleeve then, witch I am super stoked about!
Pics will come when its done!

Meanwhile here are some other stuff I have been messin with!

This is the first session of a tribute to a cool Stockholmian policemans best friend named Cairo!
some more background and some color in the lotuses and this one should look nice!
Really enjoy doin animal portraits!!

This client had a pic of a Leornardo Da Vinci sketch of a fetus and wanted to do it sort of Buena Vista style...
This is what we came up with...

And finally we are done with Stefans 3/4 sleeve!! Great fun! hope to see you again soon for new projects!!

Right where you can feel it!!!

Thats it, Thats all... at least for now!
Have a superawesome weekend and see you soon!!



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