New pics and projects and other stuff!!

Super relieved that the new booking system seems to work out great!!
puh! feels weird to sort of have control of whats going on for once!

for those of you who haven't read about it, look a bit further down in the blog for the swedis version!
if you need it in english, send me an email!

Started a couple of cool projects this week and have a couple of more nice ones over two weeks now!

here is some of the stuff ive been playin with!

Love the idea this dude had with the battle between the monkey king and the bull king!!
first session done here! next up color!

Another japanese piece! gotta love the jap stuff!!
first session down!

continued on this one a couple of days ago. one more session left and we are done!!

part of an underwatercoralweirdseacreature half sleeve i started the other day!

Finished this candycandy sleeve finally!
horrible photos as usual though!! sorry!

one more session and we are finally done with this one too!

and finally i finished this little fenix the other day!

Yes I do have the greatest job on the planet!!!!!



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