Finally kinda done with the aussie-rainforrest sleeve...

about 47 hours so far. need about 2-3h more for some tightening and detail... but all in all done!

PS. my crappy photo skills dont do the tattoo justice unfortunately... sorry!

A lot of stuff going on at the moment! Exciting and exhausting... but really good i believe!
Been working this week at my friend Steve Terrys place YOUSTOCKHOLM this week! Its been great to get out of my
own studio for a while and meet some new people and some new enviroments!
will definetly go back in a couple of months!

now on to the last tattoo for this sthlm visit!!

cheers all!!!

Postat av: Sanne

Oj oj!! Sicken snygg! Grodan och löven liksom... Verkligen fint!

2010-12-15 @ 15:31:03

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