Some new work

Started this piece a couple of weeks ago on Kalle from the bands SLUG and Hatebox.
the photo is taken after the second session and about 10 hours of tattooing...
all of it will eventually be in color!

one five hour session so far... the koi and the flowers will be in color.

Beware of the demons from the socks! vicious they are!

And finally, this dude wanted to get an oldschool rose on his arm as his first tattoo.
Here is what we came up with... maybe not totaly oldschool but I think it turned out pretty cool.

That's it for now!
sorry about beeing so lousy on updating the blog and the site aswell but I got alot of cool stuff going on at the moment so I just don't have time right now but I will put my back into it soon!!

Postat av: Anonym

Hannyan är sjult jävla snygg

2009-05-18 @ 22:05:30
Postat av: Lukas

Grymt snygg den Kalle har på ryggen där...

2009-07-01 @ 17:22:11

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