The tattooboat!!

First I would like to thank Kristian and Rasmus and all of the crew at the tattooboat for making it souch a great time!!

Also I got the opportunity to do som really cool work there and cool enough the first one won second price in the best in cruise competition!

What is unfortunate is that the lightening was not the best one to get a decent photo!! so all 15 of them pretty much sucked! but here is the "best" one anyway...

And the maneki neko sleeve i did a while ago won 1st price in the Best big one competition.
I have allready shown it here once befor but i will do it again.

If you didn't visit the convention this year you should definetly go next year!! I know I will!!

Postat av: Bullet

Vilka färger använder du? Så grymmt klatchiga ;)

2009-04-06 @ 15:25:21
Postat av: m carlson

så sjukt bra körling! sjukt bra!!

2009-04-21 @ 17:01:56

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