Gothemburg and more!

Here are some of the stuff I did at buzzstop 28 in gothemburg and some more fun stuff!

This guy had really no idea of what he wanted to get so we just talked a little and this is what i came up with!

This basehead belongs to Karin from Sonic syndicate. i believe it was her favourite. Great fun to do this one!

And I got to do my very first ever portrait in greyscale. exciting it was!

Started some more cool projects but unfortunately i couldn't get any decent pics of it! sorry!

here are some mor stuff i have been working on!

Really satisfied with how this one turned out at the end! three 6 hour sessions from start to finish!

Ohoy skipper!

Oh! started this one in gothemburg aswell!

There thats it for now!
Hope you like it all!

Of to sleep now Ohoyhoy!!

Postat av: Mr P


Riktigt snyggt porträtt, imponernade mannen...

Kram Mr P

2009-02-11 @ 22:45:37
Postat av: ewelina

grymt snygga:)

2009-10-02 @ 16:31:11

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