Finally some spare time!

Hi everyone!
sorry I have been so crappy on uppdating!! Been super bissy with the new studio and guestspots and conventions the last couple of months but now its starting to cool down a bit!
The new studio is working great!
Me and eight zero bodypiercing and evolver skate/street!!

Recently i have mostly continued big project tattoos so i havent really taken pics of it yet,
but here is some of the stuff i have done lately!

Not the type of stuff i usually do but fun!

Crap photo as usual!!!

This is after five sessions, about 30 hours! long way to go!

That is about it for now but i will start uppdating much more freequently now so keep an eye out!!

see you!!

Postat av: Anonym

Sjukt snygg bodysuite, du är galet duktig

2009-09-06 @ 22:08:13

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