Tattoo Meltdown

Just got back from this years edition of Tattoo Meltdown in Trollhättan!
Mardo has done it once again! Supernice convention with lots of awesome artists and excited clients!
Me, I did a Maneki neko on jennys foot, that i never got around to take a photo of ofcourse!
It got 2nd price in best small tattoo!
Jenny also entered the best japanese contest and took the 2nd price there aswell!

on the saturday I did a ladyface and a skull on a cool dudes leg for 7 hours. had alot of fun with it playing around with
skintones and stuff...
sorry for the horrible pic though! damn convention lighting!!

The skull is actually a lot more redish orangeish...

Next up is Copenhagen in april!! Really looking forward to that one!!
still have no appointments there so if you want to get something cool done drop me an email to!

hope to see you there!!



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