good day!

Hello hope y'all are good this evening!
I feel pooped!
Did a skull today that I feel turned out really good!
tried some new colors and stuff!
It looks better in real life because I'm still trying to figure out my new camera!
Unfortunately I'm kinda slow with those things! tricky bastard!
well I'm off to fantasy land!



Oh and also i just updated the galleries color, black and grey and in progress on the homepage!
sorry it took so long!


started this backpiece about a week ago!
will add more background later!
the motives will be full color and the background will be black and grey!
Great fun! I love my job!

keep an eye out for updates!

big session

completed this tattoo on a girls whole thigh today.
One session in just under 6 hours!
mMust say it was one of the most fun tattoos i have done in a while!
thanx andrea!!

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