Back in business!!

Ohoyo everyone!
Back in business, full on, after all the hollidays and crap! Lots of cool projects gettin finished lately and there is more to come! the new booking system works like a charm for me though i am sorry for the long waiting time!
But because of all the crap that occured during the last few months of last year I feel the need to put my own well being in the first room from now on! Hope you all understand and bare with me!

Got a couple of convention spots comin up!
If you want an appointment on either of them here is how its goin to go down!

send me an email to, marked with the convention name, including:

a short briefing about your tattoo idea. Please have in mind that I want to do something fun that is possible to finish in one session!

your full name and cellphone number!

do this and i will get back to you shortly!

the conventions so far are:

25-26 feb    -                Trollhättan
1-3 april      -                                Copenhagen
16-17 april  -         Carlisle UK
19-20 maj   -                          Stockholm

Hope to see you there my friends!!

What more is there...?
Went to gothenburg and IF studios this past weekend again to tattoo my friends in In Flames.
Had a blast as usual!
Just waiting for Anders to get me the pics! think i might have some in my camera but i don't have it here now!
so hang on for that!

continued some cool stuff on Anders sleeve project and got some more done on Björns backpiece!
some beers and some good food!

Thanks guys! allways a pleasure!

so to end this unusually long post, here are some pics of some of the recent stuff i have been working on in the studio!

Been getting more and more requests about portraits lately! super fun!
here is one of Mäster C!

And here is my dear friend Mojjes grampa!

this one took a while between the sessions so half fresh half healed. therefor the kinda bad pic!

same with this one, some healed some semi healed and some fresh...

and same here! damn it!!

well part from the crappy photos i hope you like em as much as i do!

Now im of to iPad land!

Cheers y'all!!


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