Update to all of you about bookings and stuff!!

Hey everyone!
I feel the need to update you all on how things are at the moment regarding bookings and stuff!
due to some heavy family stuff, I have had to attend to the last month, I feel a bit exhausted and needs to step back and cool things down.
So if you have tried to contact me with no answer it is not because I try to ignore you! It has just been too much lately! SORRY!!

So, with that said, here is how things has to work from now on...

I'm generally working on larger pieces these days. The larger the piece, the more time it takes to complete. 
Most of the pieces I work on take between 20 - 40 hours.
I carry a large workload and take on new projects whenever possible. I'm dedicated to creating the best possible work I can. So I put a lot of time and energy into preparation. It's impossible to accommodate all the requests I get, so instead I choose only to do the pieces that I feel I'm best suited for and that inspire me.
I truly apologize if I do not choose your piece.  But I'm only one person and quality is my main concern not quantity.

I can no longer carry a wait list because of the stress and unrealistic wait time.  I am honoured by each and every request.  To mark someone in such a permanent manner is a huge responsibility and I take it very seriously.

When your making a request please be sure to include...
Theme and or subject matter
Location and size of piece

My rate is 6000:-/full day and 3000:-/half day... no exeptions and no discounts.
I generally check my e-mails weekly and given the high number of requests I receive I can only respond to those I'm interested in.

Thank you for your interest.


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