some new stuff and junk!

hey hey!
So, soon i will start to take bookings in a different way. my calendar is a complete mess and i need to get stuff organized and sorted, part for the clients sake, and part (mostly) for my own mental health!
I am currently trying to figure out how to do this but as soon as i have a system i will post it here on the blog so you can read it in detail!!!

thanx for being patient with me!!!

Here is some cool stuff i have been working on lately!

This dude had some nice skull/cards stuff on his leg that he wanted covered!
I usually try to stay away from cover ups but this one was a blast!!
We actually managed to finish it in one 5 hour session!



We are done with this one for now... eventually we are goin to add tons of more cool stuff
around it on the ribs and ass...

sorry bout the horrible photo!!

Hear no, see no, speak no evil monkeys... will add color!

thats it for now!


Oh, Im going to Macau in may!!!! YYEEEYYY!!!


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