Back from the UK and swamped!!

Back home now from an awesome stay at triplesix and tattoo jam!

Due to a mouch to long clientlist i have to close the books!!
therefore I will not take on any new clients for a while, in an attempt to catch up a bit!!

keep an eye out for updates here, on myspace or the website!

I am currently planning on remaking the website, so that will be done in the near future!
allso Im planning on some new artsy stuff and junk like t-shirts and so, witch will allso be on the new site!!!

So please bare with me and keep eyes out for new cool things to come!!
love YOU!



Postat av: M carlson

Haha! Fågeltemat är återkommande nu! Så jävla snyggt!

2010-08-11 @ 14:54:56
Postat av: Maria

Grymt snygg!

2010-08-11 @ 19:06:37

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